Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lovely Day

Had a hectic day at work. We had so much going on, trying to figure out a new program that wasn't working, our company getting noticed in a magazine, a meeting with someone in Italy, and just so much more! So, when I came home from work to see my cat sitting in the door waiting for me to come home. I had to pull my camera out of my purse and snap a pic as I walked up. As soon as he saw me he laid down. Here is the pic I got.

Getting ready for a garage sale this weekend!! I am pretty excited, I don't have much on it so I probably won't make much money, but still. I am excited. We used to have multi family sales when I was a kid, three families with multiple children. There was so much stuff that we could hardly move. Now a days, we do not have that  much stuff but it still reminds me of the good old days! Here are a couple pictures of the stuff I found in a box with my name on it! lol Not sure if I should sell it or not ;)

Original Cell Phone?!
OMG Hanson!


  1. Oh wow…I think you could reach the Flintstones on that phone. Um, and I am thinking your cat is deathly afraid of cameras. good post.

  2. Your cat is adorable! I find myself not giving up much for garage sales, either haha. Its difficult, I just dont want to get rid of a lot of memories! Haha I think that phone could go. OMG Hanson? Maybe keep? Haha I dont know!

  3. I decided to keep Hanson! Hopefully one day they are worth something...that's my plan. Phone really should go though!