Torrid Review
For those of you not familiar with Torrid, it is a plus size clothing store and website. I am lucky enough to live in Minnesota and have super easy access to the Mall of America!! It is the only store in Minnesota but only like an hour from my house. They have a cool web site with tons of stuff to choose from. Find a store near you! I have been shopping at Torrid for years and they first started out as a plus size Hot Topic, their sister store. They have since evolved into something a little more current and attractive to more women.

I had the opportunity to review some of their products for them. I am SUPER excited about this. Mostly be the dress I got is amazing!! I chose five products to review, follow the item to see it on their web site.

The first item is my favorite. My new favorite dress! It is a creamy white color with earthy colored feathers, including blues and tans. I think you all will love it. I honestly am not an earthy color girl, I love bright colors, pinks, neons, and black. But wearing this dress makes me want dress more earthy. When I looked at the dress online I was expecting it to be stiff and not flowing, but I was wrong. It is really flowy and I feel like a little girl in a pretty dress ;) Here are some pictures for you! I wear a sweater cuz I don't really like my arms. The belt is great too, it comes off and you can mix and match it with your other favorite outfits!

Next is a pair of Torrid sandals. They are black rhinestone gladiator sandals. I like them, but they are a little big, so I could have gotten by with one size or half a size smaller. So take that into consideration when ordering your own. The only criticism I have about these is that they are really hard to buckle. For some reason the buckle is really far back and the strap has troubles fitting into the buckle. My trick, put the strap into the buckle and slip the sandal on, then buckle it! Its all good, I like them because they have pretty rhinestones on the back. A nice embellishment. Here are some pictures. Don't mind my toenail polish :)

The next item is modeled by my younger sister. It looked better on her so I'll let her do the modeling of it! It is a black and white striped three quarter sleeve shirt. It is a really comfortable and light weight shirt, perfect for spring and summer. It did pill from her lanyard at work and on her stomach from rubbing on stuff apparently. Kind of a bummer, but she is looking at more colors because she really likes it! Overall, good deal! Here are some pics of my sissy, Sammie in the shirt!